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Passive Income from Reselling Digital Work Website
Passive Income from Reselling Digital Work Website
Payment Terms - 70% Advance 30% on Completion / delivery Note - Domain & Hosting cost Included (No need to pay extra) I will build a website to make passive income from reselling digital work. Perfect for beginners! All you have to know is how to send emails :) An outsourcing reseller website is a business model in which you act as the middle-man between the buyer and the supplier and profit from the transaction. Here's an example of how an outsourcing reseller website works in 3 easy steps: 1. You own a Digital Design Service Reseller Website and you drive traffic to it. You get an order for 800$ and then go to the list of suppliers provided. 2. You give your order to the supplier who is a graphic designer and full fills the order for 200$. 3. You give your customer his order and make 600$ worth of profit by simply sending a couple of emails. These ready-to-go Reseller Business Websites are specialised in Digital Services such as: - Web Design - Mobile App Design - Social Media - Digital Marketing - SEO - Virtual Assistants - Video Production - Info-graphic Resume Services This is a great way to generate some passive income. If you are looking at the fastest way to get wealthy and have financial freedom, this will usually mean running your own business and today that means an Online Business. Order now and be one step closer to financial freedom.